Team building with Rockwool

How a manufacturing company used a variety of our services to deliver a new strategy.

The Business Challenge

Rockwool is an international manufacturing company. Their engagement team had developed a new strategy called 'Rock The Globe'. The faced some challenges as they needed to present this new strategy to the company in an effective manner. They called upon Sing & Inspire to encourage engagement and evoke passion within the team of 30 people. The team consisted of rising stars, management in need of a push and people who had been in a similar role for a long period of time.

The Solution

Sing & Inspire arranged a series of choir sessions to encourage teamwork, vocal power training to improve vocal projection with the use of various techniques and Vocal power in presentation training to encourage people to use vocal power techniques to deliver powerful presentations and improve their confidence in their abilities. This was done over a 3 month period culminating in a Dragon's Den style presentation of the 'Rock the Globe' strategy in London.

The Results

By the end of the 3 month period the whole team had improved their confidence and ability to engage others as well as their teamwork. They sang brilliantly as a choir in front of an audience of over 100 people who joined in the singing. They also deliver a brilliant presentation of their 'Rock the Globe' strategy.


"After doing the challenge I felt more at ease and relaxed. I found that on the 2nd I was a bit more confident thus feeling happy expressing my views with the larger audience."

"Best team building I have ever been on."

"Very enjoyable and something few people would actively look to do normally, I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone."

"The ability to get people to work together effectively in a totally different environment to their normal day to day comfort zone and make it not just interesting but also fun. It was inspiring."

Results were drawn from surveys and vocal power sessions October–December 2010.
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Headline results

  •   Improved levels of confidence
  •   Improved teamwork
  •   Strong presentations

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