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Happy Halloween - Face your fear!

This week we have been talking about fear at HQ. Not just monsters and zombies, and walking down dark alleys… But emotional fear and performance anxiety.
Some people would rather face a Zombie head on than sing! Conquer that fear and access the amazing buzz of coming together and singing! When in a performance and the nerves kick i…

Big Energy Week

Sing & Inspires metaphorical coverage of Big Energy Week, with a few recommended energy boosters!
Energy Saving Blog This week at Sing & Inspire HQ we have been following Big Energy Saving Week – but not in the conventional sense. Yes, it is super important to be saving ele…

Voice Over-the art of vocal manipulation

Inspired by the read for the RNIB day on the 19th October, read this blog to discover some of the voices behind your favourite disney characters, and dip a toe into learning ways we can manipulate the voice.
With ‘Read for the RNIB’ day approaching on the 19th of October, I thought it would be a great way to round this week up by looking into the act of narrating through looking at so…

Shells Smile Challenge

A little blog from our lovely London based Shell who rounds up last week’s happiness week by telling us how she decided to make a difference to the lives of the people she encountered. Infectiously inspiring, it’ll leave you smiling from the inside out an…
Shell’s Smile Challenge   Yes, your smile can change the world and I can prove it!!!    My smile journey begins in June 2013 whilst waitressing at a busy restaurant chai…

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