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For any of you who don’t know, Sing & Inspire run a weekly networking choir called Superchoir.

Here’s a quick background; 4 years ago, the Sing & Inspire team realised that there was a demand for one of our choirs that wasn’t connected to a specific business, other than our own. As a company, we are often brought into a business for a short time, (One day, 3 months 6 months etc.), this gave people enough time to become addicted to our Sing & Inspire magic, without giving them long-term access to our sessions. Thus, Superchoir was created!

This gives anyone the opportunity to obtain their weekly dose of Sing & Inspire, regardless of where they work and what they do.

Superchoir is now running in Cardiff and the Valleys, with members able to attend both sessions each week if they wish. Despite the fact that no one auditions for Superchoir, the end result always sounds amazing and they mesmerise audience’s with their boundless energy.

From my point of view, Superchoir is a community! We have become a group of great friends who are always ready to welcome newbies and expand group! We support each other, we help each other and we inspire each other. The great thing about Superchoir is that diversity is encouraged! As long as you are positive and excepting, you will find a home here.

If you want experience what Superchoir is all about, you can book on to a free taster here.

There is no obligation to join, so just come along and enjoy the ride. 

Written by Philippa Thomas, Creator of joy at inspireMe. 

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