Fear has a place in our lives

Oct 30, 2015

Some people would rather face a Zombie head on than sing!

Conquer that fear and access the amazing buzz of coming together and singing! When in a performance and the nerves kick in. Imagine you're in a choir session and the audience isn't even there - mind over matter!

Fear is a brilliant tool in the evolutionary process. It helps us avoid situations that put us in danger and enables the fight or flight mode to give us maximum safety. Fantastic news if we are at risk from a sabre-tooth tiger attack! However, what role does it play in our modern lives? Primarily, it is a fear of failure. It is a deep-rooted, subconscious, controlling device that may stop us from going for that promotion, or learning a new skill or achieving our goals. We avoid risk. We avoid bravery. We avoid opportunity and excitement.

Fear has a place in our lives - to release adrenaline in a genuinely threatening situation. but we don't need to be fearful in our every day lives.

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Written by Patrick Steed, Champion of Excellence at andinspireMe Ltd. 

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