Sep 28, 2015



Attitude is about choice.


It’s about choosing to connect with someone or about choosing to disengage. It’s about choosing to do the best job you can or choosing to do it half-heartedly. It’s about choosing to take control of your life or let others take control of it for you.


If you compare your life to being a magnificent ship sailing across the ocean (I cannot claim credit for this comparison – it’s a metaphor I’ve heard many times) and you are the person at the wheel. You can choose to guide your ship into the rocks and head to a paradise island. Even when en route to your paradise island you may hit stormy seas and you have the choice to navigate your way through them or abandon ship.


Too many people feel that their life is a ship – swept around about the waves and the tides with no captain or crew to guide it. It’s out of their control. Be the captain of the ship. Change direction.


Choose to connect with someone.

Choose to do the best job you can.

Choose to take control of your life.


You are the captain of your ship.

Attitude is a choice.



Written by Patrick Steed Champion of Exellence @ Sing & Inspire

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