Changes and New Beginnings

Jul 27, 2015

By the time you finish reading this sentence, 50 million of the cells in your body will have died and been replaced with others. Your body replaces old cells with new ones at a rate of millions per second.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Most of the body’s tissues are under constant renewal. The average age of all the cells in a human body may turn out to be as young as 7 to 10 years. Whatever your age, your body is many years younger……..this is good news yes?! So why is the thought of change so terrifying?!

For some people change is exhilarating, and I think I fall into this category……..but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it a little bit scary sometimes!

People that know me well will tell you I’m a girl who likes changes. My hair probably changes at least once a month! I can decorate a room and then want to change it 3 months later. One month I want my wardrobe to be floaty and bohemian, the next classy and sleek!
For some (my husband) this can be slightly frustrating (and expensive), but I find it exciting and am always eager to see what’s around the next corner.

10 months ago the biggest change in my life happened. I became a mum for the first time.
Suddenly life took on a whole new meaning, and this was probably the most exciting and terrifying journey I was ever going to experience!
My body changed, my outlook on life changed, my priorities changed (massively) and suddenly I was responsible for this new human being. Not only responsible for providing basic human needs and unconditional love, but also for shaping her future and giving her the confidence to be bold, take chances and not to be afraid of change and new beginnings! (She has already seen her mum with at least 5 new hairstyles so is well prepared!)

Some would say that I have had an extremely varied life when it comes to my work and career choices and they’d probably be right. I truly believe that my life has been enriched by all the wonderful experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve travelled and the jobs I’ve had.
I have never regretted any decision I’ve made to move on to a new adventure, each change I made brought new skills and renewed confidence and more exciting possibilities.
As soon as you open yourself up to the possibility of new beginnings life can get super exciting! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself as who knows what’s around the corner?

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